Even Santa shops at Smile Shop for his oral hygiene products

Granted, dental products aren’t the obvious go-to for the ideal Christmas gift, but hear us out. How many of your gifts end up not being used, are regifted, or donated to charity? And then you get all the festive sweet gift treats that contribute to cavities and toothache! This is where oral hygiene products - such as an electric toothbrush or water flosser - just keep on giving, all year round. And a brighter, whiter smile not only means fewer trips to the dentist but is possibly the best gift of all. 

The other thing about dental products and accessories is that you can go big or small from a price point. So, from lavishly wrapped gift boxes to stocking fillers, your family’s and friends’ teeth will thank you. 

Did you know? Keeping your teeth clean may lower your risk of contracting diabetes or help manage diabetes-related gum disease and related complications from getting worse.

Here at Smile Shop - South Africa’s first online store dedicated to bringing you an ever-growing range of exclusive and premium home dental care products - your Christmas shopping just got easier. 

Bamboo toothbrushes

With Santa ('ho-ho-ho') on board, here are 5 fantastic reasons to visit our website and smash out your Christmas gift list:

#1 A dazzling array of toothbrushes

Smile Shop offers an impressive variety of toothbrushes that cater to everyone's needs. From electric toothbrushes (who doesn’t want one?)  to manual ones, there’s something for the whole family and any budget. Check out all our electric toothbrush brands for an effective and high-tech clean, or opt for an eco-friendly bamboo manual toothbrush if you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint. With these options, you'll be spreading smiles, promoting dental health and saving the planet this holiday season.

#2 Innovative flossing solutions

Flossing can sometimes be a daunting exercise, but we're here to simplify the task with our dental floss products which are designed to make flossing a breeze. We have the perfect ‘His and Hers’ gift option: the iconic Man Floss (refillable) dispenser and the prettiest Queen of Floss (refillable) dispenser. (With both of these currently on special, you may want to buy one as a gift for yourself).

Best 'his and hers' flossing dental products for Christmas gifts

For those who struggle with traditional floss, we also stock the most gorgeous air or water flossers (aka oral irrigators) for a thorough, hassle-free cleaning experience.

#3 Sparkling whitening toothpaste kits

We concede that toothpaste may not be the most appropriate (or exciting) Christmas stocking filler, but our teeth whitening kits take gifting to the next level. Whether you want to treat yourself or give the gift of a brighter smile, they are a game-changer. Choose from various options, including charcoal-based kits and teeth-whitening systems that are easy to use and offer fantastic results. (Everyone will be ready to pose for the Christmas family portrait).

Smile Shop's teeth-whitening kits

#4 Environmentally conscious choices

Conscious consumerism is all about small environmentally-friendly life choices that build into a better future. This festive season, give the gift of sustainability by choosing eco-friendly oral hygiene products. Our bamboo toothbrushes (for kids and adults), or ​​Tepe toothbrush - made out of plant-based materials (sugar cane and castor oil)  combined with our Kindbrush floss-in-a-bottle (made from corn-derived products and completely biodegradable) - will tick the boxes and get conversations started. It's a win-win for both your teeth and the planet.

#5 Oral care for the whole family

At Smile Shop, we are not only at the frontlines of ongoing holistic dental care but also understand that the holidays are all about family. That’s why we haven't forgotten about the babies, toddlers and kiddies. From fun, colourful toothbrushes for the little ones to the prettiest pink usmile Sonic Electric Toothbrush that any tween or teen girl would give their eye teeth for to advanced dental care for grown-ups, you can find everything you need to keep your entire family's smiles healthy and bright.

Smile Shop's electric toothbrushes etc for kids and adults

Make this a memorable Christmas by shopping for your gifts online at Smile Shop. We guarantee you will get smiles all around.😁
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