Brushing tips for children with Curaprox

Getting your child to brush. A quick guide

For parents dealing with kids who don’t want to brush their teeth: kids resist because they don’t see what’s in it for them – it’s the struggle of many families. 

Here’s a mini-guide to helping them build a proper brushing habit.

Step 1

Get a toothbrush they’ll love using: soft bristles, comfortable handle and the right size for small mouths and hands. Better still, in fun and vibrant colours.

Step 2

Use the right toothpaste for their young teeth: safe and nourishing ingredients, nothing harmful, and of course, a delicious taste.

Step 3

Independence! Let them brush by themselves first… then finish with you doing a final brush to ensure nothing was missed.

Step 4

Lead by example: brush regularly and thoroughly yourself, and your kids will instinctively want to do the same.

Step 5

Make it fun: go hunting for “sugar bugs”! Play games, tell stories, or listen to songs whilst they brush.

Step 6

Reward them with the fun side of oral health: use the Curaprox reward chart and stickers as well as the Curaprox brush video to make brushing fun.