TePe GOOD TM – A sustainable choice

Have you considered how your oral hygiene tools are produced? TePe GOOD TM is our sustainability initiative to make a difference for the good of the planet and for your good. Currently, TePe produces a toothbrush, a tongue cleaner and a flosser with bio-based plastic enabling a reduction in our carbon footprint.

The bio-based plastic is made using sugar cane. The end-rounded bristles on the toothbrush are made from castor oil.  This is TePe’s initiative towards increased sustainability during the lifecycle of your oral hygiene tools. TePe aims to become completely independent of fossil-based raw materials and to continue using renewable energy to create quality products.

TePe GOOD TM Features

TePe GOOD TM Toothbrush

The TePe GOOD TM toothbrush had a broad handle for an easy grip. Its thin neck and tapered brush head make it easy to access the teeth in the back of your mouth. Using the GOOD toothbrush is similar to using any other manual toothbrush – but it’s more climate smart.   

TePe GOOD TM Tongue Cleaner

The TePe GOOD TM tongue cleaner design corresponds to the natural shape of the tongue, which reduces the gag reflex and makes it easier to reach far back in the mouth. The three, slightly raised cleaning blades give a triple-effect, allowing bacteria to be removed with a few strokes.

TePe GOOD TM Mini Flosser

The TePe GOOD TM Mini Flosser is a pre-loaded floss holder with a unique bite plan for easy flossing. The dental floss is both strong and slim, fitting into even the narrowest of spaces. The flosser is made from bio-based plastic and wood fibers.

Source: Tepe USA