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The fast-paced lifestyle of modern business offers little time for self-care. Conducting a thorough oral hygiene regimen can often take a backseat as you navigate back-to-back meetings, reports, tight deadlines, quick trips and multitasking to get the job done. Bad breath can wreak havoc during in-person business meetings and professional interactions, deflating your confidence and public perception. 

Whether you’re a CEO conducting multiple meetings daily, a sales rep marketing products or a healthcare professional getting up close with patients, fresh breath is a significant component of performing your everyday interactional tasks. 

At Smile Shop, we know that not everyone has endless time to dedicate to at-home oral hygiene routines. That’s why our online store brings top-rated, dentist-approved fresh breath products to your doorstep (wherever you are), so you can keep up with the necessary practices to keep bad breath at bay and give you a reason to smile again.

Why fresh breath matters

Contrary to popular belief, first impressions do matter, especially in the professional workspace. Just like walking into a work meeting with stained clothing or unkempt hair can leave a negative impression on clients, superiors, and colleagues, emitting bad breath within your workspace can leave a bad impression (and an awful stench).

While looks may be deceiving, taking someone seriously when feeling overwhelmed by an awful smell is challenging.

Fresh breath conveys professionalism, attention to detail, and self-care and leaves a lasting positive impression on those you encounter.

Armed with minty, fresh breath, you can walk boldly into meetings, sales pitches, and presentations, enabling you to become self-confident, poised, and assertive.

Businesswoman confidently conducts a meeting with fresh breath

Time is not on your side

Let’s explore 5 practical tips and strategies tailored to help busy professionals like you keep your breath fresh while you’re on the go:

#1 Brush them

It may seem obvious, but brushing your teeth is the most effective way to get rid of plaque, bacteria, and cavities, which cause bad breath

There’s a good reason dentists recommend two daily two-minute tooth brushing sessions (consider using an electric toothbrush for more effective cleaning power and greater efficiency—you can even take one to the office if there’s no time before you leave home)

Your schedule can never be so packed that these four minutes can be cut out completely. After all, brushing your teeth will impact your breath and general oral health. Neglecting this habit will often lead to bigger dental troubles, such as cavities and gum recession.

#2 Floss them

Flossing (or using an interdental brush) once daily is often an overlooked dental care habit, but dentists recommend it for a good reason.

Dental floss helps dislodge plaque and prevent the development of periodontal pockets. It is beneficial when there are tight spaces between teeth. Flossing is also easier on the front teeth, while interdental brushes are preferred for molars. 

Interdental brushes are best used in spaces with wide gaps between teeth, where floss cannot effectively remove debris. These useful brushes are also preferred for children and those with limited mobility since they are easier to operate. 

#3 Use mouthwash

A mouthwash can work as every businessperson’s secret weapon between daily duties. Did you eat a bit of garlic during your lunchtime networking session? Did you get that coffee breath after a late night behind the laptop? Mouthwash to the rescue.

Mouthwash works to reach bacteria-ridden areas where brushing or flossing may have missed, working hard to give you fresh breath in a jiffy.

Keep a travel-sized alcohol-free bottle of mouthwash in your desk drawer or office bag for quick freshening up between meetings. 

#4 Stay hydrated

Busy work schedules can lead to the neglect of hydration. Often businesspeople resort to coffee or other caffeinated products that don’t offer the required hydration for working round the clock.

Drinking water throughout the day helps stimulate saliva production (promoting fresher breath), naturally cleanse the mouth, and neutralise odour-causing bacteria. It also prevents dry mouth, which can result in bad breath.

Pack a bottle of water (with a touch of lemon or a few blocks of ice) in your work bag, and drink regularly during meetings and between crunch sessions to prevent foul mouth odour. 

Businesswoman relaxes knowing she has fresh breath at the office

#5 Be mindful of your diet

Avoiding strong-smelling foods such as garlic, onions and spicy dishes that can linger longer in your mouth is a solid start to maintaining fresh breath (and where this is unavoidable, return to #3 😉). 

Include more vitamin-C-packed fruits like melons, citrus, and berries at snacktime and more fruits and vegetables, including carrots, apples, celery, and broccoli, at mealtimes to neutralise bad breath and increase saliva production.

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