Make an informed decision when choosing an electric toothbrush

Advancements in toothbrush technology over the last few decades mean consumers are provided with a myriad of options when selecting an electric toothbrush best suited to their unique needs. Sonic, hydrosonic, and oscillating toothbrushes are some of the best alternatives on the market. But how do you choose which electric toothbrush to buy? Knowing the benefits of each brush can help quell your feelings of overwhelm and grow your confidence in your decision. 

At Smile Shop - South Africa’s first online store, with an ever-growing range of premium dental products - we want to help you make the most informed decision when choosing an electric toothbrush.

Electric vs manual toothbrushes

Let’s begin by briefly unpacking the benefits of these modern electric toothbrush masterpieces over their manual competitors:

#1 Less pressure

Many electric toothbrushes come with pressure sensors to detect when users are applying too much pressure with overzealous brushing which could potentially be damaging tooth enamel or causing gum recession.

#2 Perfect timing

Most electric toothbrushes have built-in timers to enable users to brush for an allocated 2 minutes, as recommended by dentists.

#3 Better tech

Dental care advancements come to fruition with the electric toothbrush, giving users a more thorough and consistent clean than their manual counterparts.

#4 Choose your perfect fit

Make your electric toothbrush selection according to your unique dental care requirements - for example, whitening, brushing with braces or dentures, gum disease, etc.

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#5 Save the planet

Electric toothbrushes require less wastage than manual options, which must be tossed away every 3 months, clogging up landfill sites.

#6 Happy gums

These brushes are known to cause less gum recession than manual brushes.

Types of electric toothbrushes | Take your pick

Let’s unpack the benefits and unique qualities of 3 common types of electric toothbrushes so you can make the most informed decision before clicking to activate your next purchase at Smile Shop:

#1 Sonic toothbrushes

These electric toothbrushes use high-frequency vibrations and swift side-to-side sweeping motions to dislodge plaque and debris from the tooth surface and gum line. 

Delivering between 24,000 and 40,000 strokes per minute (in contrast to their manual competitors which only produce an average of 300), sonic electric toothbrushes provide a gentle, less abrasive, yet thorough clean of teeth and hard-to-reach surfaces. 

The powerful vibration of sonic toothbrushes influences fluid dynamics within the mouth, forcing fluids and toothpaste between teeth and gums, creating a comprehensive interdental cleaning action

#2 Oscillating

Suitable for those with braces, oscillating toothbrushes feature small, round brush heads that swing back and forth in alternating directions, cupping each tooth along the way. 

The oscillating motion mimics that of a manual toothbrush but with the added benefit of greater efficiency and consistency. 

Known for effective plaque removal and the reduction and management of gingivitis, these toothbrushes are often favoured by those with sensitive gums or dental work such as fillings, etc since they are often more gentle than their sonic competitors.

Certain models include additional pulsating motions to enhance cleaning and gum stimulation abilities. 

Electric toothbrush options

#3 Hydrosonic

Hydrosonic electric toothbrushes combine the benefits of sonic technology with gentle water pulsations. Combining high-frequency vibrations and water jets or water flossing helps add oomph to remove plaque and debris between teeth and along the gumline. 

Some models come with interchangeable brush heads and adjustable water pressure settings, allowing individual customisation based on personal preference.

These toothbrushes are believed to reach up to 42,000 strokes per minute, effectively removing stubborn stains, cleaning between teeth, and benefitting gums

The Curaprox Hydrosonic Easy Electric Toothbrush features 3 modes with differing stroke levels during the brushing cycle. This toothbrush is delivered with a CHS 200 sensitive brush head which is ideal for those new to sonic brushes and who prefer a soft, yet gentle, clean.

Hydrosonic toothbrushes are particularly useful for those with braces, implants, and dentures. 

Your new electric toothbrush is just a click away at Smile Shop

Whether you prioritise effective plaque removal, a gentle cleaning action, or the benefits of new water-based technology, electric toothbrushes are the answer and there is an electric toothbrush tailored to suit your requirements.  

Your choice between sonic, hydrosonic, and oscillating electric toothbrushes ultimately boils down to individual preference and oral health priorities. 

And when it comes to finding a premium dentist-recommended toothbrush delivered to your door, there’s no easier option than Smile Shop.

Each of our products is hand-selected, tested, and recommended by a dentist, giving you peace of mind that you are making the best decision for your future oral health. 

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